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Stephen D.

I worked in a foundry in Alabama for 40 years. One of the areas that was close to where I worked was where they dumped all the bad products that came from the furnaces.

Before I retired, some of my colleagues told me that I should go get checked for asbestos exposure. Given the fact that I have worked in an environment that was probably contaminated, I thought I should do it.

One of the symptoms that made me worry about asbestos exposure was shortness of breath. I still feel it now even if I’ve never smoked. In 2012 when I got checked, I discovered that I had asbestosis, a condition that’s very common among people who worked around asbestos.

I am so glad I chose to work with Environmental Litigation Group in filing my asbestos claim. Everyone was so kind and helpful. They supported me all along the way and they’ve always been very positive.