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Johnny A.

I worked for decades in an industrial environment where there were probably massive amounts of asbestos. I’ve been a winch operator, a laborer, and a shearman helper. I had 7 jobs at the U.S. Steel and I retired in 2009 as a chief area manager. When I started working at U.S. Steel, some of the older workers had asbestosis and different other health problems caused by asbestos and they didn't know about it. Many of them died due to these diseases. I found out about the dangers of asbestos and the fact that victims are entitled to a compensation through co-workers. Then, a group of us got in touch with Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. After we called them, they immediately agreed to work on our case and they helped us get tested. They managed to get me a compensation that enabled me to buy things I couldn’t normally afford. I was always welcome with a positive attitude at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. and I want to thank the whole staff for their great work.