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Edward M. - Diagnosed with Asbestosis

I’ve probably been exposed to asbestos for most of my life because of the places I worked in. I worked for many years in manufacturing and in building maintenance and both of these fields were heavily contaminated with asbestos. I was a dipper for the Kelley Manufacturing company in Alabama in '67 and then I worked as a laborer for the K-H Building Maintenance until '68. During the next 20 years, I oscillated between 2 positions; crane operator and laborer. I remember that I had to do some really dusty work and I used to wear a paper mask which didn’t do any good basically.

After all those years, surrounded by asbestos, I started feeling shortness of breath. I could hardly climb up the stairs without heavily breathing. So, I went to get checked and the result was asbestosis.

I contacted Environmental Litigation Group for legal support and I am glad that everything went so smooth. They were real professionals. If you worked in a similar domain, my advice is to get in touch with this company and go get checked.