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Susan B.

My husband died in 2013 after struggling for years with respiratory problems caused by asbestos. He worked for a long time in environments where he probably got exposed to this toxic material. He was an attendant at the Mutual Oil Service in Birmingham between 1955 and 1960, a laborer at the sewer department of the city of Birmingham until 1962, an attendant at John Falls Texaco between 1963 and 1965. Then, he worked as a heavy equipment operator in different plants; the APAC based in Fairfield, the Woodward in Dolomite and Alabama Power in Birmingham.

We linked his exposure to the fact that he directly handled materials that were used in paving the roads which typically contained asbestos.

His last years before he passed were difficult, he coughed a lot, he couldn’t breathe properly, he needed oxygen. He was first reluctant to get checked for asbestosis, but I finally managed to convince him. So, in 2012, he went to Dr. Dubois in Birmingham and he was diagnosed with asbestosis.

We were glad that we found Environmental Litigation Group, we worked very well together, and they helped my family recover a fair compensation after my husband’s death.

I urge anyone who has worked around asbestos to go get tested. It doesn’t take more than 45 minutes. The sooner you get diagnosed, the better because you can access certain treatments that can help you live longer.