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Thomas P.

I had different occupations where I was exposed to asbestos. I was a steelworker, a welder, a fitter. I also worked as a plumber for different plumbing firms; one of them was called Acton Plumbing. As a welder, I worked for the Plantation Patterns, Pullman – Standard and Fontaine Fifth Wheel Co. I had probably been in contact with asbestos for a long time because it was present in the welding rods, in the insulation, in some of the pipes.

Some of my close friends and family members who had also worked in asbestos-related fields got notices to get checked. I thought I should follow their steps given that I was most likely exposed to asbestos too. So, I went to a doctor in Alabama and I was diagnosed with asbestosis in 2013.

If you worked in some of the domains I just mentioned, my advice is to get tested. If you are diagnosed with an asbestos disease, I’m sure the lawyers at Environmental Litigation Group are able to help you file a successful claim like they did for me.