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Timothy M.

My uncle used to take asbestos out of the tray with his own hands and put it on the pipes without knowing how dangerous it was. It all started with my uncle’s case. After my dad had passed away, I’ve taken over as an executor. I know most of the attorneys and staff and it’s no problem at all to call them and get stats or find out what is going on, they are very good in keeping it up to date on things.

It is a wonderful thing to have someone you can rely on, to help you and walk you through the process. When Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. first contacted my father about the money, that my uncle was going to receive, it was definitely a game changer for the family because as you know, mesothelioma is a major problem for lots of people. I was able to put a large payment on the house and it was obviously a good amount of money.