Oswald W. - lost father to asbestos lung cancer

My father was a laborer at Faith & Hayes Sand & Gravel and had done sheetrock work in our home while remodeling. He had worked as a welder at Ingalls Ship Yard and Alabama State Dry Docks. He had also been a millwright at Alcoa Aluminium where he moved, assembled, installed or dismantled machinery for many years. He also served the US Army as a maintenance man. While being in all these jobs, he worked with a lot of asbestos-containing products. We went to the doctor when he started falling sick too often and he was diagnosed with lung cancer after a biopsy and PFT was done. He went ahead and had chemotherapy which didn’t work. We lost him in March 2014.

We are quite lucky to have contacted Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. and would like to tell everyone that lawyers at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. have been great.