Hodgkin's lymphoma due to AFFF

Hodgkin's lymphoma due to AFFF video

By the end of 2023, over 8,800 Americans will have received a diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma. The disease is more common in women than in men. While the cause of Hodgkin's lymphoma is usually exposure to the Epstein-Barr virus or HIV, toxic exposure can also result in this cancer. Specifically, civilian and military firefighters who use the fire suppressant AFFF are at high risk of developing Hodgkin's lymphoma. This is because AFFF contains between 50% and 98% PFAS, a group of highly dangerous chemicals. Exposure to PFAS compromises the immune system, which makes firefighters more prone to coming to struggle with the disease. If you are a civilian or military firefighter who used AFFF and now struggles with Hodgkin's lymphoma, you should contact our skilled attorneys, as you might be entitled to financial compensation from the responsible manufacturers.

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AFFF exposure is associated with reduced immune response, which is a sign of Hodgkin's lymphoma

Hogdgkin's lymphoma

Hodgkin's lymphoma is a relatively aggressive cancer and can rapidly spread through the body. Despite this, it is also one of the most easily treated forms of cancer.

The disease has a good prognosis, with 93% of patients with localized Hodgkin's lymphoma surviving for five years or longer following diagnosis. Even the 20-year survival rate is promising for this cancer, with 73% of patients living this long.

The following are the most common symptoms of Hodgkin's lymphoma firefighters who use AFFF should be on the lookout for:

  • itchy skin
  • a higher risk of infections
  • unexplained weight loss
  • persistent fatigue
  • relentless fever
  • night sweats
  • a lingering cough
  • breathlessness

Exposure to PFAS, the main chemicals in AFFF, is known to affect the immune system, making people exposed to these dangerous substances more prone to developing Hodgkin's lymphoma. Animal models and human studies offer strong evidence that PFAS alter the immune system, diminishing its ability to fight infection and disease. When Hodgkin's lymphoma develops, the immune system has failed to detect the abnormal cells or has not been able to destroy them. Oftentimes, this is because there is a problem with the immune system, which can be caused by AFFF exposure in civilian and military firefighters.

If you suspect you have Hodgkin's lymphoma, you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible, as early diagnosis is crucial when it comes to cancer. Not only does it entail a significantly better prognosis, but it also prevents serious health problems such as breast and lung cancer from developing. With over 30 years of experience in toxic exposure cases, our attorneys are ready to provide you with quality legal assistance if you are a firefighter who used AFFF and came to struggle with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Our resourceful legal team will carefully assess your case to determine if you are entitled to compensation.

Our diligent attorneys can efficiently help you file your AFFF exposure claim

Since 1990, our law firm has been pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims, and today, we take up cases of civilian and military firefighters who used AFFF and developed Hodgkin's lymphoma. The only documents you have to send in to have your case evaluated are your employment or military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records stating your diagnosis. These will serve as a starting point for our legal team in assessing your situation.

Following a thorough and careful review of your case, you will know whether you are entitled to compensation from the AFFF manufacturers. Eligible individuals will promptly have their claims filed, as we prioritize the cases of firefighters with cancer. We are aware that many toxic exposure victims need extra money to afford the treatment they need. Eventually, if our efforts are successful, you will obtain the financial compensation you deserve for your unjust suffering.