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A & I Corporation

Workers exposed to asbestos

Asbestos and Insulation Corporation (A&I) was, as the name indicates, a manufacturer and distributor of insulation products that made intensive use of asbestos, a harmful mineral that causes or enhances a variety of medical conditions. As a consequence of numerous lawsuits from former employees, A&I was forced to file for bankruptcy and created an asbestos trust fund for its former employees.

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A & I employees exposed to asbestos

Specializing in the manufacturing of insulation, A & I (Asbestos and Insulation Corporation) would include tremendous amounts of asbestos in their products, as the mineral has remarkable fireproofing properties. Over the course of the last century, more than 11 million people were subjected to asbestos exposure, among whom numerous A & I Corporation workers. This led to a higher prevalence of asbestosis and mesothelioma, as well as lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure, throughout the U.S. after 1980, and up to 15,000 people still develop these illnesses every year in the country.

The occupations at the highest risk of developing a serious disease as a result of the asbestos exposure that occurred at A & I are:

Despite having prior knowledge about the dangers of asbestos exposure, company executives chose to keep people in the dark for their own financial gain. As a result, it is only now that companies that employed asbestos several decades ago are being held liable for their unethical actions.

Thousands of A & I employees began suffering from terrible diseases after 1980

If you are diagnosed with a cancerous disease, you or a family member will deal with our staff over the phone and via emails ONLY, no need to travel at all. If you pass away before or during the process, surviving family members will receive the amount awarded by the claims.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

If you receive the diagnosis of a noncancerous disease, we will need to do more testing (X-rays, breathing, and blood tests) done at our medical facility in Birmingham, Alabama, where you will be accurately diagnosed.

Asbestosis Pulmonary Fibrosis Pleural Plaques Pleural Effusion Diffuse Pleural Thickening COPD Emphysema Chronic Bronchitis Pleurisy Lung Nodules Lung Spots Asthma Tuberculosis Pneumonitis Histoplasmosis Rounded Atelectasis Lung Scarring Bladder Cancer

Victims of secondary asbestos exposure can also recover compensation for their injuries

The majority of asbestos workers, including those at A & I Corporation, were not provided with appropriate protective equipment on the job, which was the main catalyst for secondary asbestos exposure. Since employees would return home covered with asbestos dust, it is not difficult to imagine how their family members were exposed to this hazardous mineral. Women would be at the highest risk for secondary exposure, as it was usually men who worked in industrial settings involving asbestos. By shaking out the work clothes before doing the laundry, they would make asbestos fibers become airborne and subsequently inhale the carcinogenic particles. However, children could also come in contact with asbestos fibers – for instance, when greeting their fathers. Anyone inhabiting the same living space as a person working at A & I Corporation was more or less at risk.

Have you lived under the same roof as an A & I Corporation worker and are now struggling with a terrible illness? While money will never be able to completely restore your health, it is important to keep in mind that you have the possibility of recovering compensation for your injury from your family member’s former employer. As A & I Corporation has a trust fund set up, claiming the money you are eligible for is much easier than it would have been if you were to sue. With the aid of a lawyer whose main area of practice is asbestos litigation, you can recover the maximum financial compensation you qualify for in the shortest time possible. Since 1990, the attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. have successfully pursued compensation for over 230,000 asbestos victims and will eagerly do the same for you. Contact us and benefit from superior legal assistance!

Legal assistance in cases of asbestos-related diseases and wrongful death

If you worked at A & I Corporation and have a diagnosis associated with occupational asbestos exposure, you should seek legal assistance as soon as possible. A lawyer who specializes in this area of practice will be instrumental in pursuing compensation for your injury, so we highly recommend hiring one. After filing for bankruptcy protection, A & I Corporation was required to create a trust fund to provide ill employees with the compensation they deserved. Since 2007, asbestos victims who were employed at the company can claim financial compensation from their trust fund, which is a considerably simpler process than standard litigation. Our attorneys, who deal primarily with asbestos cases, will be glad to help you navigate it and ultimately recover fair compensation for your diagnosis. Whether you have decided to file a claim or would just like to ask some questions, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.