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American Olean Tile Company

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

American Olean Tile is a company founded in 1913, in Olean. Now it operates as a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, which is the largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles in the US. Up until the 1980s, many flooring products were manufactured using asbestos as an important component, considering its qualities for strengthening and the low cost of production. If you were a worker at America Olean Tile, you might have been exposed and at risk of developing an asbestos-related lung disease.

If You Worked at American Olean Tile Company Until 1980, You Need to Keep a Close Eye on Your Health

American Olean Tile’s history with asbestos is complex. They didn’t begin using it in their products until 1958 when it was bought by National Gypsum Company. During this period, asbestos fibers were added in a big number of their products such as tiles, adhesives and cement boards. By 1965, the company had grown to over 400 workers, all of whom have been exposed to asbestos and considering the commercial use of their products there are potentially thousands more exposure victims. Many products in that period of time were manufactured using asbestos as the main component for its durability qualities, thus exposing even homeowners.

As asbestos-related diseases have a long latency period, there are serious risks even after the exposure period has ended. If you have worked at American Olean during the 60s, 70s or 80s, you might need to keep a close eye on your health. With the support of our team of specialists, you can learn whether you have cause for concern or not. We offer free screenings, based on your latest X-rays. Contact us for more information.

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Former Employees of American Olean Tile Company and Their Family Are Entitled to Compensation

Any employee working at American Olean between 1958 -1980 might run the risk of developing asbestos-related lung diseases. Construction workers using their products might as well be at risk of inhalation, considering that tiles often needed shaping before installation, thus creating dust that released asbestos fibers into the air. Amongst the occupations that run the biggest risks we may find construction workers, factory workers, demolition workers, and tile setters.

Despite the use of asbestos being regulated in the US, workers might still be at risk today, when remodeling buildings that have used these products in the past. If you or a family member have been affected by asbestos exposure in the workplace, do not hesitate to contact us and learn what are the steps to receive proper compensation. Our team has over 25 years of experience in the field and can help you by evaluating your case and filing a claim. For more information contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.