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Bell Asbestos Mines

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

As the name indicates, Bell’s main activity was mining and milling raw chrysotile asbestos. The company underwent several acquisitions and mergers, so that its asbestos products reached the Canadian, British and U.S. markets, as well as many international markets. Now, the company’s lawsuits are handled by a subfund of Federal Mogul, through Turner & Newell.

High Risk of Lung Disease for Bell Asbestos Mines Workers

Located in Quebec, Canada, Bell Asbestos Mines had been in use for over a century until 2008, when it finally shut down. Between 1932 and 1970, it supplied raw chrysotile asbestos to hundreds of U.S. companies, which would subsequently employ it for the manufacturing of various products. Considering the tremendous carcinogenicity of asbestos, it is probably not surprising that numerous people who worked at Bell Asbestos Mines have lately developed serious types of pulmonary disease such as lung cancer, COPD, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

However, lung disease which occurs as a consequence of workplace asbestos exposure is very challenging to diagnose, as people who come to suffer from it rarely experience clear, specific symptoms. Accordingly, the vast majority of miners have their illnesses discovered only when they become untreatable, which shortens their lives dramatically. To promote early detection and correct diagnosis, the medical experts at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. provide free screenings to former Bell Asbestos Mines workers. In the unfortunate event it turns out your lungs have been affected by occupational asbestos exposure, our attorneys – who specialize in such cases – will help you recover fair compensation for your injury.

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The Spouses and Children of Bell Asbestos Mines Workers Might Have Also Been Exposed to Toxic Fibers

Nowadays, secondary asbestos exposure, which would happen when one inhaled or ingested mineral fibers without being in direct contact with the source, is accountable for up to 10% of asbestos victims. Asbestos mining was a very high-risk job as far as secondary exposure was concerned, since workers were not required to change their clothes at the end of the day due to lack of proper industrial hygiene. This way, asbestos fibers would easily spread throughout the environment outside the mining site, endangering the health of other people.

The family members of Bell Asbestos Mines employees, however, were facing the greatest danger in this regard, as they would live under the same roof as a person who was regularly exposed to asbestos directly. Under these circumstances, breathing in asbestos fibers was inevitable. Therefore, not only asbestos workers face the risk of developing a serious disease, but also their families. If you struggle with a disease and have a former Bell Asbestos Mines employee in your family, you might be eligible for compensation. For a complete evaluation, please contact our lawyers, who have been handling asbestos cases since 1990.