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Workers exposed to asbestos

Founded at the turn of the century, Conner Steel Products is located in San Angelo, Texas, and is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of steel, as well as in the production of oil and gas. It is a subsidiary of Conner Steel Holdings Company. Some of the primary capabilities and industries of Conner Steel Products are offshore construction, drilling, composite solutions, solar energy, well construction, and saltwater disposal. Unfortunately, during the last century, the company exposed workers to asbestos, as the steel mills of Conner Steel Products would make use of large amounts of this mineral. Within the steel industry, asbestos was used between the 1940s and the 1970s. If you developed a disease related to asbestos exposure and worked for Conner Steel Products before 1980, you should give our law firm a phone call, as we can help you recover financial compensation for your distress.

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Conner Steel Products employees exposed to asbestos

Regardless of what steel mill one would be employed at during the last century, they were unavoidably exposed to asbestos, which was usually the consequence of handling machinery, equipment, or materials in the process of manufacturing steel. Asbestos insulation was used abundantly in steel mills, as it would help prevent the occurrence of fires and explosions. It would be present in ovens, hot blast stoves, tanks, boilers, furnaces, rolling mills, molding boards, cranes, and steam pipes. Therefore, you can only imagine the health hazard existing in steel mills before 1980, as numerous workers had to disturb this machinery and components for various reasons, which would release toxic fibers that they would then inhale and ingest.

The following are the occupational groups that would regularly work with or encounter asbestos products on the job in the steel mills of Conner Steel Products:

What increased the seriousness of asbestos exposure was that steel mill workers would often have to wear protective equipment in which asbestos fibers were woven to ensure they would not suffer burns if they came in contact with hot machinery or equipment. They would have to wear gloves, face masks, and aprons, all of which contained asbestos fibers that were easily released in the atmosphere with use. Furthermore, employees would inhale and ingest asbestos fibers when feeding vessels scrap metal by crane, when controlling machinery to melt the scrap metal, as well as when adding other metal to give it the necessary chemical composition.

Thousands of Conner Steel Products employees began suffering from terrible diseases after 1980

If you are diagnosed with a cancerous disease, you or a family member will deal with our staff over the phone and via emails ONLY, no need to travel at all. If you pass away before or during the process, surviving family members will receive the amount awarded by the claims.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

If you receive the diagnosis of a noncancerous disease, we will need to do more testing (X-rays, breathing, and blood tests) done at our medical facility in Birmingham, Alabama, where you will be accurately diagnosed.

Asbestosis Pulmonary Fibrosis Pleural Plaques Pleural Effusion Diffuse Pleural Thickening COPD Emphysema Chronic Bronchitis Pleurisy Lung Nodules Lung Spots Asthma Tuberculosis Pneumonitis Rounded Atelectasis Lung Scarring Bladder Cancer

Secondary asbestos exposure, a serious concern for the family members of Conner Steel Products workers

Regrettably, the family members of Conner Steel Products employees were quite vulnerable to secondary asbestos exposure. This is because the asbestos companies went to unimaginable lengths to cover up the real dangers of asbestos exposure during the last century, and for this reason, workers were not required to wear protective equipment against asbestos exposure on the job, and they were not required to change their work clothes when their shift ended either. Consequently, they would bring home asbestos fibers on the clothes, hair, shoes, and skin on a daily basis. Their wives would typically breathe in and swallow toxic fibers when laundering their work clothes, whereas their children would be exposed to asbestos when greeting their fathers upon returning home.

If you shared a living space with a Conner Steel Products worker during the last century and now have a disease that you believe is linked to asbestos exposure, please contact our attorneys, as we have what it takes to help you find out whether you qualify for filing a claim. You just have to call us, explain your situation, and send our legal experts proof of the employment of your family member and your medical records. If we deem you eligible to file a claim, our lawyers will prepare it, and a few months after submission, you will get the money you are entitled to for your suffering.

Legal assistance in wrongful death asbestos exposure cases for family members

Numerous victims of asbestos exposure refuse or fail to take legal action while they are alive, whether they suddenly die after receiving their diagnosis or because they fear a long and convoluted legal process. However, if you lost a family member to a disease caused by workplace asbestos exposure, you can have a wrongful death claim filed to get compensation. While the sum of money you will receive will be smaller than if the sufferer would have filed the claim themselves, it will still help you with financial matters such as the funeral expenses.

If you decided to file a wrongful death claim for a departed loved one, you will first have to contact our legal team and explain your situation in detail. Afterward, you will be asked to send us the employment and medical records of your family member and also their death certificate. Our attorneys will review your case, and if they deem you eligible to file a wrongful death claim, they will rapidly begin preparing it for submission. Eventually, you will benefit from the compensation available for your particular situation.