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Goulds Pumps Inc.

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

Goulds Pumps Inc. is an American manufacturer of pumps, motors and accessories, founded in 1848. Their products are being used in the chemical, petrochemical, refining and mining industries. Although in the beginning, they manufactured a variety of iron products, including church bells, they quickly became known for their innovative iron pumps. Up until 1980, they’ve used asbestos in their products, putting their workers at risk for developing serious diseases.

Former Employees of Goulds Pumps Inc. Need to Pay Close Attention to Their Health

Prior to the 80s, Goulds Pumps has produced its own asbestos products, in addition to using asbestos equipment. These products not only exposed their employees but even the public at large. Their pumps, for example, were specifically engineered to be used with asbestos components that would end up in industrial or military applications. Workers were exposed to serious health risks, as factory buildings usually contained large amounts of asbestos, such as wall and electrical insulation and machinery. Constant tempering with asbestos either by working with it in sheeting form or by just simply using equipment containing it would contaminate the environment, making it a hazard for human health.

Former employees need to keep a close eye on their health. Asbestos-related diseases can develop even after the exposure has stopped, and can take many years to start showing signs. It’s very important to do constant check-ups on the state of your lungs. To promote early diagnosis, we offer screenings free of charge. Our specialists will examine it and determine whether or not there is cause for concern. Contact us if you have further questions regarding this matter.

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Legal Assistance for Victims of Asbestos Exposure in the Workplace

Employees working in various departments of Goulds Pumps were highly exposed. Cutting, scraping or agitating asbestos would cause fibers to be released into the air exposing not only those working directly with it but any individual in that area. Their plant is spread over a huge campus with five separate buildings that operate on different activities: the ANSI factory, the Mid-Range factory, Engineered-to-order Foundry, Research & Development lab and an Engineered Products Operation. Each one of these buildings had big amounts of asbestos exposure either from the manufacturing process or from equipment or even construction and utilities.

If you were employed at Goulds Pumps during their asbestos period, and have been diagnosed with a related disease, you are entitled to receive compensation. Our team specializes in cases of asbestos exposure and has helped thousands of victims file claims and receive their justice. You can contact us for any further information you may need in order to learn about this process and get compensated.