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Helmquat 3SL is one of the herbicides that contain paraquat. It is manufactured by Helm Agro, a company located in Tampa, Florida. Their product is approved for use on more than 100 crops and Helm Agro claims that it gives fields a clean start at planting to get them on their way. Helmquat 3SL delivers fast, versatile, and highly effective burndown of emerged grasses and broadleaves, according to the company. Nevertheless, exposure to paraquat, the main ingredient in this herbicide, is associated with the development of Parkinson’s disease, a fact that very few agricultural workers and farmers are aware of. For this reason, if one of your family members developed this brain disorder as a result of paraquat exposure, they are eligible for compensation from the liable company, which our attorneys will help you recover on their behalf.

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Helm Agro and paraquat exposure

Helmquat 3SL can be employed as a defoliant and desiccant, as it is a broad-spectrum, non-selective, burndown herbicide. The company that manufactures it claims that it is a great alternative to the market leaders since it delivers equivalent performance at a value that ultimately saves growers money. Helmquat 3SL is very effective in destroying weeds and grasses that are resistant to glyphosate, provides fast and complete broadleaf burndown, and saves time by not having to switch products. Some of the crops Helmquat 3SL can be used on are the following:

People who use herbicides that contain paraquat, such as Helmquat 3SL, are at high risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, individuals who live in close proximity to farming communities where paraquat is applied to crops may also come to struggle with this brain disorder over the years. For this reason, people whose health was affected by paraquat exposure are entitled to financial compensation from the liable company, as companies that manufacture paraquat fail to warn consumers of the danger of developing Parkinson’s disease with frequent use. If you have a family member who struggles with this brain disorder as a consequence of paraquat exposure, we strongly encourage you to contact our legal team, who will help you recover compensation on their behalf.

File a paraquat claim with the assistance of our skilled legal team

In the unfortunate case that one of your family members came to struggle with Parkinson’s disease as a result of paraquat exposure, they are eligible for compensation from the responsible company. The legal process entails filing a claim with the company which, unlike filing a lawsuit, is considerably easier and faster. All you have to do is provide our legal experts with evidence of paraquat exposure and proof of diagnosis, as the rest of the paperwork will be efficiently taken care of by us for you.

Your involvement in the legal process as a family member is essential, as people with Parkinson’s disease usually have a difficult time explaining their situation and we need all the details we can get from you so that the outcome of your claim will be favorable. Eventually, within several months to one year, you will receive the maximum compensation available for your loved one if you decide to work with our legal team. For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will promptly answer your questions.