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John Crane Company

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

The company got its start as a small manufacturer of gaskets and packing under the name Crane Packing Company in Chicago. The company had an extraordinary growth operating plants in the U.S., England and Canada. In 1987, TI Group PLC acquired Crane Packing resulting, in the process, the world renowned John Crane Company. Due to its versatility, asbestos was used by John Crane in manufacturing some of its products. The company states that it put an end to the use of asbestos in 1985.

Specialized Legal Assistance and Representation for John Crane Company Workers Injured by Asbestos Exposure

As a global leader in engineered sealing systems, John Crane Company was renowned for their products in numerous industries, such as oil refining, chemical, paper and pulp, gas, pharmaceutical, as well as mining. Nevertheless, the company used asbestos for the manufacturing of gaskets and packing material until 1985, carelessly endangering the health of their workers. Consequently, over the past three decades, more than 130,000 people injured by occupational asbestos exposure took legal action against John Crane Company, which has so far paid out approximately $82 million in damages. Anyone whose health was affected by asbestos exposure as a result of working for this company is entitled to financial compensation.

Our lawyers specialize in cases of asbestos exposure, having been pursuing compensation for injured workers since 1990. If John Crane Company was your employer and you now struggle with lung cancer or another disease associated with asbestos exposure, we strongly encourage you to contact us. We will dedicate our endeavors to obtaining the maximum compensation you are eligible for and holding the company accountable for their unethical behavior. All you need to do is schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys and bring your employment and medical records as evidence. Because we are well-aware of how exhausting suffering from such a disease is, the legal process requires your minimal involvement. While our resourceful legal team will take care of the most time-consuming aspects on your behalf, our lawyers will efficiently submit the necessary paperwork for your case. Call Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. today and claim the compensation you deserve.

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Secondary Asbestos Exposure, a Major Risk for the Families of John Crane Company Workers

Also known as domestic exposure, secondary exposure refers to the circumstances in which a person comes in contact with a hazardous agent without being nearby the source of contamination. In the case of asbestos, secondary exposure mostly pertains to the family members of asbestos workers who inhaled or ingested the toxic fibers the latter brought home on their clothes. Although the risk is highest for people who were heavily exposed to asbestos in occupational settings, secondary exposure implies a considerable risk as well. It is important to know that individuals who underwent secondary asbestos exposure can develop the same harrowing diseases as those who were in direct contact with the mineral, including mesothelioma. They are also eligible for compensation.

Have you lived under the same roof as a John Crane Company worker before 1985? If you have and were also diagnosed with a disease which might have stemmed from secondary asbestos exposure, you should take legal action at your earliest convenience. Our lawyers provide quality legal assistance and representation to victims of secondary exposure and will promptly help you recover the money you deserve for your physical and emotional distress. Ever since the beginning, our primary focus has been asbestos cases, as we strongly believe in helping innocent people benefit from the money they deserve and holding the wrongdoers liable for their negligent actions. Whether you decided to file a claim or would simply like to ask some questions, please feel free to contact us and we will eagerly assist you.