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Leslie Controls

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

Leslie Controls was initially set up at the beginning of the 20th century by a Canadian manufacturer of steam pressure valves and regulators, and later expanded to produce air horns, industrial water heaters and control systems and regulators. It was sued for workers affected by the asbestos used in its products and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2010.

Thousands of Former Leslie Controls Workers Began Developing Terrible Diseases after 1980 as a Consequence of Asbestos Exposure

In business since the beginning of the last century, Leslie Controls specializes in the manufacturing of various products, including industrial water heaters and control systems, insulation, steam pressure valves, pipes, as well as regulators. Similarly to dozens of other companies, it also made use of tremendous amounts of asbestos. In addition to the people who partook in the manufacturing process, Navy veterans are also at significant risk for developing a serious disease, particularly those who were involved in the maintenance of ships and those who spent a lot of time in the engine, boiler, or pump room. Furthermore, individuals responsible for the maintenance of chemical plants, oil refineries, power plants, gas refineries, and water plants might have come in contact with Leslie Controls products, too.

As the company could no longer afford to pay out compensation to workers injured by asbestos exposure, it was forced to seek bankruptcy protection in 2010. One year later, their asbestos trust fund was created, which, at the moment, has roughly $75 million. If you suffer from a disease associated with asbestos exposure as a result of your employment at Leslie Controls, we encourage you to take legal action as soon as possible. Because the company has a trust fund, recovering compensation is incomparably easier than via a regular lawsuit. With the help of a lawyer, it is a relatively fast process which requires minimal involvement on your part. As we are aware of how terrible struggling with a disease caused by asbestos exposure is, our attorneys and legal team will eagerly take over the complex and time-consuming aspects of your case. For more information, please contact us and we will promptly answer all your questions.

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Superior Legal Assistance for the Family Members of Leslie Controls Workers Injured by Secondary Asbestos Exposure

During the last century, asbestos would not represent a menace only to workers who came in contact with it, but also to their family members. When secondary exposure took place, their dear ones would unknowingly breathe in or swallow toxic fibers, which subsequently increased their risk of developing a terrible disease. The diseases asbestos exposure, regardless of the circumstances under which it occurs, can cause mostly affect the lungs and include asbestosis, lung cancer, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, as well as mesothelioma, a very aggressive cancer which grows on the outer lining of the organs. The carelessness of asbestos companies was the primary catalyst for secondary asbestos exposure, as they would not ask workers to change their clothes before returning home. Nowadays, approximately 10% of people who struggle with asbestos-related diseases are victims of secondary exposure, 8% of whom are women.

Have you shared a house with a Leslie Controls employee during the heyday of asbestos? If you have and were recently diagnosed with one of the diseases above, we urge you to take legal action immediately. As a victim of secondary asbestos exposure, you are also eligible for compensation, which a lawyer who specializes in asbestos cases can help you recover. The legal process is simple and takes a shorter time to complete than standard litigation. You will not have to spend hours collecting documents and filling out forms, as our attorneys will efficiently attend to nearly every aspect of your case. Our experts will also conduct extensive research to find out potentially useful information which could increase the sum of money you qualify for. Whether you have decided to file a claim with Leslie Controls or would just like to find out more information, please feel free to contact us.