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Workers exposed to asbestos

Specializing in petroleum and petroleum products, the company is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Today, the business is known under the name Papco Oil and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Papco Inc. is currently a leader in innovative fuel solutions across the country's eastern area. At the moment, the company has approximately 5,000 employees. It is worthy of note that there are 151 companies in the Papco, Inc. corporate family. It specializes in gasoline, diesel, heating oil, lubricants, fleet card program, commercial fuels, secure supply management, custom energy solutions, and propane. However, considering that oil refinery workers were one of the occupations at high risk for asbestos exposure during the last century, Papco Inc. was no exception and exposed its employees to the dangerous mineral. If you worked for this company and now struggle with a disease stemming from asbestos exposure, we recommend you to contact our attorneys, as they can help you recover compensation.

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Papco Inc. employees exposed to asbestos

The National Cancer Institute made public the results of a study that examined cases of mesothelioma and lung cancer in oil refinery workers to determine the main cause of the diseases. Among oil refinery maintenance workers, they found that 96% to 100% of mesothelioma patients and 42% to 49% of lung cancer patients developed their diseases because of asbestos exposure. Consequently, oil refinery workers had a very high risk of asbestos exposure during the last century. Furthermore, a study from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that oil refinery workers are 3 times more likely to develop mesothelioma than the general population.

These are the occupational groups whose health the activity of Papco Inc. may have affected between the 1920s and the 1980s when the company made use of large amounts of asbestos:

People who worked in oil refineries were exposed to asbestos from machinery and equipment parts, safety gear, and building materials. The main source of asbestos exposure in oil refineries was insulation. Shockingly, asbestos was used in their protective clothing and safety gear to protect employees from heat and fire. This greatly facilitated the inhalation of toxic fibers. Lastly, gaskets, sealants, valves, and sheets containing asbestos were used on machinery and equipment. The gaskets, including rope, spiral-wound, and metal-jacketed gaskets, were used in piping and pumps to prevent leaks. Pumps were sealed with adhesives and sealants that also contained asbestos. Oil refinery workers came in contact with asbestos fibers when maintaining, repairing, and replacing these components.

Thousands of Papco Inc. employees began suffering from terrible diseases after 1980

If you are diagnosed with a cancerous disease, you or a family member will deal with our staff over the phone and via emails ONLY, no need to travel at all. If you pass away before or during the process, surviving family members will receive the amount awarded by the claims.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

If you receive the diagnosis of a noncancerous disease, we will need to do more testing (X-rays, breathing, and blood tests) done at our medical facility in Birmingham, Alabama, where you will be accurately diagnosed.

Asbestosis Pulmonary Fibrosis Pleural Plaques Pleural Effusion Diffuse Pleural Thickening COPD Emphysema Chronic Bronchitis Pleurisy Lung Nodules Lung Spots Asthma Tuberculosis Pneumonitis Rounded Atelectasis Lung Scarring Bladder Cancer

Secondary asbestos exposure, a serious concern for the family members of Papco Inc. workers

Regrettably, the family members of asbestos workers were at moderate risk of exposure themselves, as frequently, employees would bring home toxic dust on their hair, skin, and clothes. When laundering the work garments of their husbands, women would inhale asbestos fibers, whereas children would come in contact with the mineral upon greeting their fathers. This is how secondary asbestos exposure would occur. Moreover, because asbestos fibers are microscopic and have rough edges, they would also become attached to the furniture covered in fabric and any fabric object.

If you shared a living space with a Papco Inc. worker during the last century, we advise you to watch your health and to seek medical attention as soon as possible if you begin experiencing unusual symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath. The earlier a disease caused by asbestos is found, the better the prognosis will be. In the unfortunate case that you already struggle with a disease stemming from secondary asbestos exposure, you should reach out to our legal team, as we specialize in toxic exposure and will gladly help you file a claim to get financial compensation.

Legal assistance in wrongful death asbestos exposure cases for family members

Sadly, many victims of asbestos exposure pass away without having benefited from the money they deserved for their suffering from their former employer. Nevertheless, this is where their surviving family members can step in and take legal action. Today, the close family members of people whose death was the result of a disease related to asbestos exposure can file a wrongful death claim to obtain money on behalf of their departed loved one. While the amount of compensation will be smaller than what the asbestos exposure victim would have received if they were alive, it can still prove helpful with costs such as funeral expenses.

If you wish to file a wrongful death claim, we will offer you quality assistance, as we have helped thousands of clients in your situation. To start the legal process, all you have to do is give our legal team a call, describe your situation, answer our questions, and send us the employment and medical records of your departed loved one and their death certificate. Following case review, our skilled lawyers will tell you whether you are eligible to file a wrongful death claim. If you are, they will soon begin preparing it for submission while you can go on as usual with your life until you receive the compensation you are entitled to.