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Piper Aircraft Corporation

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

Piper is a large U.S.-based manufacturer of general aircraft, founded in 1927 and currently owned by the government of Brunei. It became involved in asbestos litigation after asbestos heavily used in aircraft components was discovered to be a cause of mesothelioma and other severe conditions. While after 1981 asbestos use was banned, those exposed before the ban are now suffering the effects.

Individuals Who Held Down a Job at Piper Aircraft Corporation Before 1980 Are Now at Risk for Lung Disease

During the last century, asbestos use was extremely common and plenty of industries would employ the mineral for various purposes, as it has remarkable fire resistance and durability. Within the aerospace industry, asbestos would be a very important ingredient in brake pads, sealer, wiring insulation, brake linings, as well as block insulation. One of the companies which specialized in manufacturing aircraft components was Piper Aircraft Corporation, which is still in business nowadays. Before 1980, when strict asbestos regulation came into effect in the United States, it would make use of large amounts of asbestos, thereby exposing workers to potentially deadly mineral fibers. Consequently, some of their employees have later developed awful diseases such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Everyone who suffered a terrible injury as a result of occupational asbestos exposure is entitled to financial compensation. Therefore, if you were employed at Piper Aircraft Corporation during the heyday of asbestos, we strongly advise you to take legal action and claim the money you deserve immediately. Our lawyers, who specialize in personal injury cases involving asbestos exposure, will be eager to assist you with recovering fair compensation for your physical and emotional distress. For additional information, please contact Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. and we will quickly put you in touch with one of our attorneys.

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Secondary Asbestos Exposure, Highly Common Among the Families of Piper Aircraft Corporation Workers

Every year, over 12,000 people die of diseases caused by asbestos exposure in the U.S. While the majority of asbestos victims underwent exposure in the workplace, around 8% of them became ill as a result of secondary exposure, which entails the inhalation or ingestion of mineral fibers without being in direct contact with the source of exposure. Secondary exposure mostly took place in the families of asbestos workers. The ways in which secondary asbestos exposure would happen include breathing in the fibers lingering on the clothes of the asbestos worker and shaking out their work clothes before laundering them. It is crucial to know that secondary exposure is just as menacing as contact with asbestos in occupational settings.

If you were diagnosed with a type of lung disease or another illness correlated with asbestos exposure, such as kidney cancer, and used to live under the same roof as a Piper Aircraft Corporation worker, chances are you qualify for financial compensation. The experienced attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. and their resourceful legal team will help you claim the money you deserve for your injury. Please contact us as soon as possible, as cases involving asbestos exposure have a statute of limitation.