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Plant Insulation

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

Plant Insulation Company was established in 1966 in Emeryville, California as an industrial insulation installer and distributor. Its insulation products contained high levels of asbestos, and those who worked on the numerous Plant sites were heavily exposed. Plant had $1 billion or greater in claimed asbestos tort liabilities from former employees, and ceased activities in 2001, filing for bankruptcy and establishing an asbestos settlement trust that has been since marred by legal battles.

Our Specialists Provide Asbestos Screenings Free of Charge to Former Plant Insulation Workers

Both a distributor and installer of insulation, the company is responsible for exposing thousands of people to asbestos, as the carcinogenic mineral proved ideal for enhancing the properties of the products they were providing. After 1980, more and more former employees have begun suing Plant Insulation for the diseases the asbestos exposure they underwent on the job had caused them, which eventually prompted the company to file for Chapter 10 bankruptcy protection and establish a trust fund. Regardless of the circumstances one comes in contact with it, asbestos inhalation or ingestion can lead to a wide range of serious diseases, from asbestosis to gastrointestinal cancer.

Because these diseases are often asymptomatic, our medical experts offer free screenings to anyone who was employed at Plant Insulation while they were using asbestos. We only need you to send in your most recent chest X-ray, which our specialists will carefully examine to detect potential abnormalities. Afterwards, we will let you know whether you should have a cause for concern with regard to the health of your lungs. In the regrettable event a disease is found, our lawyers will gladly help you file a claim with the asbestos trust fund created by Plant Insulation. It is a relatively simple process which requires no litigation and minimal involvement on your part. For additional information, please contact us and we will promptly answer any questions you might have.

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If Someone in Your Family was Employed at Plant Insulation, You Might Have Also Been Exposed to Asbestos

Since industrial hygiene was almost non-existent within asbestos companies during the last century, asbestos fibers would often find their way out of occupational settings and infiltrate the households of workers, thereby endangering the lives of their family members. Accordingly, plenty of people who have never handled asbestos came to suffer from diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma, whose only known cause is asbestos exposure. It is estimated that 10% of asbestos victims fell ill due to secondary exposure. Since fibers are very tiny and have a rough texture, inhalation and ingestion would take place very easy and once inside the body, asbestos would remain there for decades, gradually producing inflammation and scarring to tissue. When inflammation became very severe, it would give way to a disease per se, such as lung cancer.

If you inhabited the same house as a Plant Insulation worker before 1980 and have a diagnosis which seems to be related to asbestos exposure, we urge you to seek the financial compensation you deserve. With over 25 years of professional experience, our attorneys focus primarily on cases of asbestos exposure and will strive to provide you with the assistance you need. By filing a claim with the asbestos trust fund set up by the company, you will benefit from a sum of money which can help you afford better treatment and healthcare. The legal process will be mostly taken care of by our law firm, so you can rest assured you will not have to spend hours on end looking for documents and filing out forms. Please contact Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. and claim the compensation you are eligible for!