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Workers exposed to asbestos

1883 was the year that Rutland Fire Clay was founded as a producer and distributor of stove lining. It didn’t last long until the company expanded its product line to materials concerning home repair and construction. A major investment on Rutland’s part was directed towards controlling a combustible byproduct named creosote. Due to its low cost and ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, asbestos was used by Rutland Fire Clay Company in producing their insulating materials.

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Rutland Fire Clay employees exposed to asbestos

During the last century, Rutland Fire Clay made use of asbestos in large amounts, as the mineral has numerous convenient properties, such as excellent resistance to fire, electricity and a wide range of chemicals. Furthermore, it was also very cheap at the time. As a manufacturer of maintenance products for stoves and home repair, Rutland Fire Clay Company had been using asbestos ever since the beginning, in 1900. The occupations at the highest risk of developing a serious disease as a result of exposure to the asbestos products of this company are:

The building materials it would produce included furnace cement, boiler covering, roof coating, as well as wallboard joint cement, the majority of which contained up to 10% blue asbestos. It was not until 1978 that the company ceased employing asbestos entirely. Between 1984 and 1999, Rutland Fire Clay Company was hit with over 50,000 asbestos claims, hence their decision to file for bankruptcy protection. Since 2000, former workers injured by occupational asbestos exposure can recover the compensation they deserve from the trust fund set up by the company, which currently has $8 million left.

Thousands of Rutland Fire Clay employees began suffering from terrible diseases after 1980

If you are diagnosed with a cancerous disease, you or a family member will deal with our staff over the phone and via emails ONLY, no need to travel at all. If you pass away before or during the process, surviving family members will receive the amount awarded by the claims.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

If you receive the diagnosis of a noncancerous disease, we will need to do more testing (X-rays, breathing, and blood tests) done at our medical facility in Birmingham, Alabama, where you will be accurately diagnosed.

Asbestosis Pulmonary Fibrosis Pleural Plaques Pleural Effusion Diffuse Pleural Thickening COPD Emphysema Chronic Bronchitis Pleurisy Lung Nodules Lung Spots Asthma Tuberculosis Pneumonitis Histoplasmosis Rounded Atelectasis Lung Scarring Bladder Cancer

Have you shared a house with a former Rutland Fire Clay Company worker? If you have, your health might be at stake too

Because secondary asbestos exposure was extremely widespread during the last century, the risk of developing a disease as the family member of a former Rutland Fire Clay Company worker is significant, particularly if you spent a long time in the same house. Occurring when one inhales or ingests asbestos fibers without being in direct contact with the source, secondary exposure is responsible for one-tenth of asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma cases at the moment. Unsurprisingly, the safety of workers was not a priority for asbestos company executives, hence the astounding number of asbestos victims who have emerged since the 1980s. Over 12,000 people still lose their lives to asbestos-related diseases every year in the U.S. and approximately 8,000 others receive grim diagnoses.

Even though we are aware money will never be able to completely restore your health, taking legal action, and holding your former employer liable is of utmost importance. The money a skillful attorney whose primary area of practice is asbestos litigation will recover for your injury may grant you access to higher-quality treatment, whereas the company at fault will be held accountable for their unethical actions and careless behavior. With over 25 years of professional experience, our lawyers have been assisting over 230,000 victims of asbestos exposure so far and are bound to provide you with the same excellent services. As Rutland Fire Clay Company has a trust fund, you do not have to go to court during the legal process and your attorney will carefully take care of nearly everything on your behalf. For additional information, please give us a call and we will eagerly answer all your questions.

Legal assistance for victims of asbestos exposure and their families

Are you a former Rutland Fire Clay Company worker who is now suffering from lung cancer or another awful disease caused by asbestos exposure? If so, we urge you to take legal action against the company by filing a claim with the help of a specialized attorney. Since it entails no litigation, the process is very simple and requires minimal involvement on your part. Our lawyers and legal team, who have been skillfully handling asbestos cases since 1990, will efficiently attend to the complex and time-consuming aspects of your case so that you can focus on more important matters in the meantime, such as your health. All you need to do is contact Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. and provide your attorney with your work and medical records as evidence of employment and, respectively, diagnosis. Subsequently, we will carefully take care of everything. Contact us today and benefit from the compensation you deserve!