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Stone & Webster

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

Stone & Webster was founded in Massachusetts by two electrical engineers in late 19th century and soon went national. It was involved in hundreds of national and international engineering and construction operations, nuclear power and petrochemical plants etc. It was involved in large international bribery schemes, as well as in asbestos litigation for having made extensive use of asbestos in its Engineering branch.

Former Stone & Webster Employees Should Keep a Close Eye on Their Health

Nearly 80% of asbestos victims were exposed to this carcinogenic mineral in the workplace during the last century, when it was widely prevalent in dozens of industries. Because asbestos is very resistant to high temperatures and durable, it has been present in over 5,000 consumer products manufactured by approximately 200 companies throughout the U.S. Specializing in engineering and construction, Stone & Webster was one of the companies which would constantly and knowingly endanger the lives of their workers, who were not provided with adequate protective equipment during the job. Consequently, they would regularly inhale and ingest asbestos fibers for hours on end.

Anyone who was a Stone & Webster employee before the 1980s should pay close attention to their health and undergo periodical screenings to check the state of their lungs, the most susceptible organs to be affected by occupational asbestos exposure. The most common symptoms of pulmonary disease include difficulty breathing, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, and unexplained weight loss. Whether you experience some of these symptoms or not, we highly recommend you visit a specialist annually. Furthermore, if you worked at Stone & Webster, our medical experts can thoroughly examine your chest X-rays free of charge to see if asbestos fibers have caused damage to your lungs.

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Have You Shared a Living Space with a Stone & Webster Employee? If So, You Might Have Been Exposed to Asbestos, Too

The remaining 20% of asbestos victims came in contact with it either via environmental sources or via living with someone who worked with asbestos – usually, a family member. Secondary asbestos exposure takes place when a person inhales or ingests toxic fibers indirectly. Due to lack of proper industrial hygiene, it was not uncommon for asbestos workers to bring home carcinogenic fibers on their clothes, thereby unwittingly exposing their families, whose members would later develop terrible diseases. In addition to lingering on clothing, asbestos fibers would also stick to furniture covered with fabric, such as armchairs or couches, if the worker did not change into something else upon arriving home.

If you suffer from lung disease or another cancer and have a relative who was a Stone & Webster employee, chances are your disease is the consequence of secondary asbestos exposure. It is crucial to know that you can also recover financial compensation for your injury, even though it did not occur directly as a result of occupational exposure. The skilful lawyers at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. will promptly evaluate your case and assist you with claiming the compensation you are eligible for in the shortest time possible.