Which baby foods contain heavy metals?

There are numerous main ingredients in baby food that contain heavy metals because the crops absorb the neurotoxins from the soil and water, as well as from the pesticides and insecticides used. Some examples are infant rice cereals and food teethers.

answered by Chandler Duncan

The main ingredients in baby food absorb heavy metals from the soil and water

Nearly all baby food on the market contains at least one heavy metal, according to studies, but you may wonder which ingredients, in particular, have a high concentration of neurotoxins.

Because the majority of ingredients in baby food are grown as crops, they are likely to contain significant levels of heavy metals, as they inevitably absorb the neurotoxins from the earth and water and also from the insecticides and pesticides sprayed over the crops.

The following are some of the ingredients in baby food, as well as baby food per se, that are very likely to contain a high concentration of neurotoxins, such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead:

  • infant rice cereals
  • oatmeal cereals
  • food teethers
  • juices
  • snack puffs
  • purees
  • quinoa
  • wheat
  • lentil
  • spelt flours
  • dehydrated potatoes
  • vitamin premixes

Considering that the vast majority of baby foods on the market contain these ingredients, it is nearly impossible to avoid heavy metals. However, there are safe, non-toxic alternatives, and if you are a parent who is at a loss concerning what to feed their child, you can now request a baby food package donation from the ethical companies we collaborate with by filling out the form on this page. If your child already has autism, you can file a toxic baby food claim to obtain financial compensation from the liable manufacturers.

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