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Can Someone Claim Financial Compensation in the Case of Secondary Exposure?


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The victims of secondary asbestos exposure are also eligible for compensation. Although the legal process is more challenging, a lawyer specializing in asbestos cases will be able to help you greatly.

answered by Mark L. Rowe

Filing a lawsuit will often result in financial compensation for victims of secondary asbestos exposure

Asbestos litigation is a very complex and demanding area of practice which requires solid knowledge and vast professional experience. While filing a claim with asbestos trust funds can be incredibly difficult even for the most experienced legal team, recovering compensation for people who were injured by secondary asbestos exposure is even more challenging. However, with the legal representation of a lawyer who specializes exclusively in asbestos litigation, your chances of recovering the financial compensation you deserve are high.

Since their illness is not the consequence of direct contact with asbestos, individuals who were injured by secondary exposure need to provide additional evidence to support their claim. In order to successfully pursue a secondary asbestos exposure case, the attorney will need:

  • the work history of the family member who was directly exposed to asbestos on the job
  • the medical records of the injured person, clearly stating their mesothelioma or lung cancer diagnosis

The legal team will subsequently conduct extensive research to ensure sufficient proof is gathered for your lawsuit. Afterwards, your lawyer will attempt to reach a settlement with the liable asbestos company. If this is not possible, your case will go to trial, which will prolong the legal process considerably. Nevertheless, only 10% of personal injury cases go to trial, so you will most likely receive compensation within one year.

Choosing a lawyer with relevant experience in asbestos litigation is vital if you are a victim of secondary exposure, as these cases are extremely difficult to manage. Within the past decades, asbestos victims in the U.S. who filed a lawsuit have received over $70 billion from the responsible parties. Working with a legal team who focuses exclusively on asbestos litigation is guaranteed to ensure a positive outcome for your case.

If you are a victim of secondary asbestos exposure, we highly encourage you to take legal recourse. We provide quality legal representation to individuals who were injured by asbestos exposure and are willing to go to great lengths to help you recover financial compensation. Whether you decided to file a lawsuit or not, feel free to contact us at (205) 328-9200 and we will answer all your questions.

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