Do the recalls affect all sunscreen products contaminated with benzene?

No. Only two companies have recalled five sunscreen products each so far, which means that there are plenty of sunscreens tainted with the chemical on the market. We suggest you opt for mineral sunscreen instead of chemical sunscreen so as to avoid exposure to benzene.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

Only 10 of the 78 sunscreen products with benzene have been taken off the market

Sadly, numerous companies prefer to ignore and turn their backs to serious issues such as the presence of benzene in their sunscreen products, a chemical that can easily be absorbed through the skin when consumers use these products. So far, only Johnson & Johnson and Coppertone have voluntarily recalled 5 sunscreen products each in the summer of 2021, which means that 68 harmful sunscreen products are still on the market.

Our advice for people who are afraid of using sunscreen anymore is to cease using the products tainted with benzene if they have been doing so and find alternatives, such as mineral sunscreen. Since the majority of the products found to contain benzene were chemical aerosol sunscreen, mineral sunscreen is considered to be significantly healthier and safer. However, if you are looking for new, safe, non-toxic sunscreen and do not know where to start, we can help you with free products from ethical companies. It is important to note that people suffering from a disease will be prioritized.

Our legal team will gladly help you file your benzene sunscreen claim

In the unfortunate event that you developed acute myeloid leukemia due to using benzene sunscreen, we strongly encourage you to file a claim with the liable company. Our attorneys and legal team are here to assist you with filing a benzene sunscreen claim, which will be a simple process for you. To initiate it, all you have to do is give us a call, explain your situation thoroughly, answer our questions, and send us your medical records and other necessary documents that are easy to produce.

We will carefully analyze your case, and if we determine that you qualify for compensation, our skilled lawyers will quickly begin preparing your claim for submission. Until the resolution, you can carry on, as usual, focusing on your health and treatment, as our legal team will do the most complex work for you. Your involvement will be necessary mostly in the beginning. You will eventually get the largest sum of money available for your situation if you decide to work with us.

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