What are other risk factors for endometriosis besides using hair relaxers?

Although using hair relaxers has recently been found to significantly increase endometriosis risk because of the endocrine-disrupting chemicals these products contain, there are other key risk factors for this painful disease, such as going through menopause when you are older.

answered by Gary Anderson

Endometriosis affects 1 in 9 women and some may not even know they have it

According to medical experts, women with endometriosis have a high estrogen level, which can affect the endometrial tissue outside of the uterus and cause inflammation, pain, and even infertility. When the estrogen level is too high, hormonal imbalances can occur, and something that can raise estrogen levels is exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as phthalates, which are often found in hair relaxers. For this reason, many endometriosis treatments entail ways to rebalance the estrogen level, usually by lowering it. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for endometriosis, but the disease can be kept under control so that the pain does not interfere with daily life. Surgery to remove the extra endometrial tissue is one of the treatments for endometriosis.

In addition to using chemical hair relaxers on a regular basis, which increases endometriosis risk significantly, other notable risk factors for the disease include:

  • starting your period at a young age
  • never giving birth
  • struggling with heavy periods
  • having short menstrual cycles
  • going through menopause when you are older
  • a low body mass index
  • one or more relatives with endometriosis
  • any disorders of the reproductive tract

It is worthy of note that endometriosis typically develops a few years after the onset of menstruation. The symptoms may temporarily improve with pregnancy and may go away completely with menopause unless you are taking estrogen. Endometriosis places you at a higher risk for ovarian cancer. To lower your risk of endometriosis, we advise you to stop using chemical hair relaxers altogether and to find safer alternatives by virtue of our Toxic Hair Relaxer Replacement Initiative. The ethical companies we have partnered with offer hair relaxers free of charge. All you have to do to request a product is fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Our attorneys provide legal assistance to women with endometriosis due to toxic hair relaxers

Since 1990, our diligent attorneys have been dedicating their efforts to offering legal assistance to people whose health was compromised by toxic exposure and defective products and are ready to provide you with the same quality services. If you used toxic hair relaxers and now struggle with endometriosis, do not hesitate to contact our law firm to determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation from the manufacturers. The only documents necessary to assess your case are your medical records and evidence of your use of hair relaxers.

If you are too ill to participate in the legal process, you can ask a family member to step in and help you. Moreover, our compassionate and resourceful legal team will take care of the most complex aspects of the process for you so that you can focus on your health. Our experienced attorneys will go to great lengths to obtain the most favorable outcome for your case if we find out that you are eligible to file a toxic hair relaxer claim. It is also important to know that our law firm operates on a contingency fee basis.

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