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How did asbestos exposure occur among Navy veterans?

The Navy veterans were at the highest risk of being exposed to asbestos as most asbestos-containing products were used by the Navy when compared to other military branches in the United States.

answered by Michael Bartlett

Veterans who worked in different areas of ships and shipyards were exposed to this toxic mineral

Asbestos was used abundantly in the construction of Navy ships. Any place on ships that required heat resistance, for instance, boiler rooms, engine rooms, weapons and ammunition storage rooms, mess halls, navigation room, and sleeping quarters contained asbestos. It was used as insulation for walls and flooring, and also covered pumps, motors, condensers, compressors, and pipes. Other products such as cables, valves, and gaskets had asbestos.

Asbestos fibers became airborne during repairs or when these ships were damaged during battle. As there were poor ventilation and restricted airflow throughout the ships, the airborne asbestos fibers got accumulated exposing the people to dangerous levels of asbestos onboard.

Both personnel who were working below the deck were at the highest risk due to poor ventilation and shipbuilders involved in the construction, demolition, repair or renovation of ships were exposed to microscopic fibers of asbestos. Asbestos-containing materials - widely used in American shipyards - covered vessels from stern to bow.

Asbestos products shipyard workers may have been exposed to:

Most at-risk occupations for asbestos exposure on Navy ships:

Apart from the ships, the navy veterans were exposed to asbestos even on land as military bases and vehicles contained asbestos products.

Since asbestos was highly prevalent in the U.S. Navy throughout the last century, many U.S. veterans who served years ago are just now experiencing symptoms and facing serious diseases as a result of asbestos exposure. Veterans who were exposed to asbestos without being warned and have been affected by mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease are eligible for filing a claim against companies that provided the asbestos-contaminated products for the shipbuilding. We encourage you to take legal action immediately, as an asbestos claim must be filed within the statute of limitations set by each state.

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