How long should I have been using benzene sunscreen for leukemia to occur?

Because every person is unique and has a different body, there is no standard answer to this question. While some people develop cancer after using benzene sunscreen for several months, others develop it after a few years of use.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

It usually takes several years for the benzene in sunscreen to cause leukemia

Firstly, it is very important to mention that not everyone who has been using one of the sunscreen products tainted with benzene will develop leukemia. Some people are more resistant to the disease, whereas others are more prone to it. For instance, if you already have a family history of this cancer and one or more risk factors in your life, you will be significantly more susceptible to developing acute myeloid leukemia due to the benzene in sunscreen. However, if you are otherwise healthy, your risk will be somewhat lower. Whether you will develop cancer after using benzene sunscreen depends on numerous factors, such as:

  • whether you have a cancer family history
  • whether you smoke
  • whether you have a blood disorder
  • whether you are elderly
  • whether you have been exposed to other chemicals
  • whether you have had chemotherapy in the past

As for how long it takes for leukemia to occur when the culprit is the benzene in sunscreen, this also varies, but it usually takes between one year of daily application to several years. Once more, this greatly depends on how your body reacts to the chemical and what internal mechanisms benzene triggers in your system. If you already have a diagnosis and have been using one of the brands of sunscreen tainted with benzene, please feel free to contact us, as you are most likely entitled to compensation.

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Our core mission is to help everyone whose life was turned upside down by toxic exposure, from veterans and former industrial workers to their surviving family members. We are now taking up claims from people who have been using benzene sunscreen and developed acute myeloid leukemia because of it. To take legal action against the manufacturer, all you have to do is give our legal team a call, explain your situation, and send us the documents we request.

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