How do I reduce my uterine cancer risk from hair relaxers?

Fortunately, there are many ways you can lower your uterine cancer risk, from using alternative hair strengthening methods such as oil treatments, keratin, and silicone creams, to making some changes to your lifestyle.

answered by Gary Anderson

Nearly 60% of uterine cancer diagnoses are preventable

According to medical researchers, the most important preventive step you can take to reduce your uterine cancer risk is to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, which will help you maintain a healthy weight. Researchers from the American Institute for Cancer Research estimate that 29,500 uterine cancer diagnoses could be avoided every year if women engaged in physical activity regularly. This is the equivalent of 59% of uterine cancer cases that occur annually. "Body fat can produce hormones that promote cancer development. We also know that body fat is linked to chronic inflammation, which produces an environment that encourages cancer development," said Alice Bender, nutrition communications manager for the American Institute for Cancer Research. Roughly 70% of uterine cancer cases are linked to obesity.

Furthermore, the research suggested that drinking a cup of coffee per day can reduce a woman's risk of uterine cancer by 7%, whether regular or decaf. However, when it comes to diet, eating a lot of high-glycemic-index foods, such as sugary products, increases uterine cancer risk. In fact, the risk increases by up 15% for every 50 units of glycemic load, the study found. The following are more ways you can decrease your uterine cancer risk:

  • if you take estrogen, also take progesterone
  • use birth control pills as a contraceptive method
  • if you have diabetes, keep it under control
  • avoid eating foods high in animal fat
  • use a progestin-secreting intrauterine device
  • maintain a healthy weight, below a BMI of 25

As for chemical hair relaxers, since they were found to contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals that might be responsible for uterine cancer, it is best to avoid these and choose some of these alternatives instead:

  • oil treatments: as a natural and effective way of straightening your hair, oil treatments help lock in moisture and prevent environmental damage, the only downside being that they might weigh down your hair
  • heat styling: this is a great and easy way to tame frizzy hair and give it some definition, as the only thing you need is a flat iron, but if used too frequently, it could damage your hair
  • keratin treatments: lasting for six months or longer, you may want to think of investing in keratin treatments if you want straight hair, as they can only be done at a salon and are quite expensive, ranging from $600 to $800
  • blow drying: you can also straighten your hair by blow drying it with the help of a round brush or pick, which will make it smoother while removing any unwanted curl or wave
  • silicone creams: these products are a considerably safer alternative to chemical hair relaxers, as they do not require heat and do not contain any harmful substances, and should be applied when the hair is almost dry

Our experienced attorneys can help you file a toxic hair relaxer claim for uterine cancer

Since 1990, our legal team has been dedicating its endeavors to obtaining financial compensation for people whose health was compromised by toxic exposure and defective products. If you had the misfortune of developing uterine cancer after years of using chemical hair relaxers, do not hesitate to get in touch with our skilled attorneys, as you might be eligible to file a claim. We will thoroughly review your case, a process that will only require your medical records with your diagnosis and proof of having used hair relaxers, such as receipts. If you are too ill to navigate the legal process, a family member can step in and take care of all the necessary matters until you feel better.

Once we deem you eligible to file a toxic hair relaxer claim, our resourceful attorneys will quickly begin working on your case. We will strive to obtain the maximum financial compensation you deserve for your suffering from the liable manufacturers, which failed to warn of the disastrous health effects of their products. Not only will the money help you afford your cancer treatment, but holding the companies responsible might deter such unethical conduct in the future. Lastly, it is important to know that our law firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not have to pay our team anything unless we recover compensation for you.

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