Is asbestosis a common disease?

While asbestosis is not a common disease in and of itself, in people with a history of asbestos exposure, it is quite common and can also lead to the development of more severe pulmonary diseases, such as mesothelioma.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

Over 600 people lose their lives every year to asbestosis

Asbestosis, which occurs when asbestos fibers which reached the inside of the lungs by inhalation cause tissue scarring, is a benign pulmonary disease characterized by progressive interstitial pulmonary fibrosis.

The most common symptoms of asbestosis are a persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and loss of appetite. While it is not common as lung disease, asbestosis occurs quite frequently in people who have a history of asbestos exposure.

The only cause of asbestosis is asbestos exposure, as the name suggests. It is worthy of note that, over the years, the presence of asbestosis may lead to the development of mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive cancer that occurs on the outer lining of the lungs, medically known as the mesothelium. According to medical studies, up to 10% of people who struggle with asbestosis will develop mesothelioma.

Due to a lack of documentation in medical literature, the number of people who develop asbestosis every year is unknown. However, 20% of former industrial workers and 30% of veterans come to struggle with a disease as a consequence of asbestos exposure, which includes asbestosis. Every year, over 600 people die of asbestosis complications, such as respiratory failure, in the United States. The risk of developing asbestosis increases with the duration of asbestos exposure, as well as with the amount of asbestos fibers inhaled. The majority of people who suffer from asbestosis have a history of occupational or military asbestos exposure.

People who have asbestosis are eligible for compensation

If you struggle with asbestosis, our attorneys, who have vast experience in toxic exposure cases, will gladly help you recover compensation from asbestos trust funds, as well as from the VA, if you are a veteran.

Although the legal process in asbestos exposure cases is very complex, your involvement will be minimal, as you will only have to thoroughly explain your situation to our attorneys and provide our legal team with your employment or military records and with your medical records.

However, because solid evidence must accompany your asbestos claim, our legal experts will conduct in-depth research to gather additional proof. Within three months to one year, you will receive the maximum compensation you qualify for. It is important to know that asbestos exposure cases have a statute of limitations of 3 years in most states, which is why you should make taking legal action a priority. If the statute of limitations expires, you are no longer eligible for compensation. Therefore, you should seek legal assistance as soon as you receive your diagnosis.

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