Is benzene present in all deodorants?

No. Valisure found benzene in dangerous concentrations only in 59 antiperspirant and deodorant body spray products out of the 108 unique batches analyzed. The concentration of benzene in the contaminated products ranges between 0.1 ppm and 17.7 ppm.

Over 54% of the deodorant body sprays tested were found to contain benzene

At the end of 2021, the independent laboratory Valisure analyzed 108 batches of antiperspirant and deodorant body sprays from 30 different brands. While benzene is not safe under any circumstances, the safe exposure limit for this solvent is 1 ppm. Upon examining the product samples, researchers found:

  • between 2.24 ppm and 17.7 ppm benzene in 24 body sprays from 8 different brands
  • between 0.20 ppm and 1.89 ppm benzene in 14 body sprays from 8 different brands
  • less than 1 ppm benzene in 21 body sprays from 8 different brands

Valisure did not find a measurable benzene level in 49 body sprays from 19 different brands. According to a 1939 study that is still relevant today, "exposure over a long period of time to any concentration of benzene greater than zero is not safe." Therefore, consumers who have been using these antiperspirant and deodorant body sprays must cease using the products.

The following are some of the antiperspirant and deodorant body sprays found to contain benzene, some of which have been recalled in the meantime:

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, benzene is a Class 1 solvent and "should not be employed in the manufacture of drug substances, excipients, and drug products because of its unacceptable toxicity." However, over the past few years, the toxic chemical has ended up in many consumer products, such as hand sanitizer, and, most recently, body sprays.

Our leukemia attorneys will help you file a benzene deodorant claim if you have leukemia

With nearly three decades of experience in pursuing financial compensation for people whose health was impacted by toxic agents, our attorneys have what it takes to assist you. If you have been using one of the antiperspirant or deodorant body sprays found to contain benzene and developed leukemia, we strongly encourage you to contact our legal team. Because we know how difficult it can be to suffer from such a terrible disease, we will do our best to make the process as easy as possible for you.

You will only have to send our resourceful attorneys evidence of having used one or more contaminated products and your medical records stating your leukemia diagnosis. The most complex matters of the legal process will be carefully taken care of by us. In the meantime, you can continue focusing on your health and treatment. If we determine that you are eligible to file a benzene deodorant claim, you will eventually receive the maximum financial compensation you are entitled to for your diagnosis.

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