Is the fiberglass in a mattress toxic?

Even though the fiberglass in Zinus, Ashley, and Nectar mattresses is not toxic per se, it is a very irritating agent to the skin, eyes, and lungs, which is why it can cause such a wide range of injuries following exposure.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

While fiberglass is not toxic, exposure to it can still cause serious injuries

Because it contains glass similar to that in drinking glasses and windows, fiberglass can be very irritating to the eyes, skin, and lungs, which is why exposure to it can result in numerous injuries, from small lacerations to dermatitis. However, fiberglass is not toxic but can be very dangerous, especially in large amounts.

People whose lives were affected by the fiberglass in their Zinus, Ashley, or Nectar mattresses are encouraged to seek financial compensation for their property damage and injuries, as the company was negligent and failed to warn consumers about the danger of removing the outer cover of the product. Our attorneys will provide quality legal assistance and help you recover the money you deserve for your losses and injuries.

File a claim with the responsible company with the assistance of our lawyers

At the moment, the class-action lawsuit against Zinus is pending, and more and more people who experienced the negative effects of exposure to fiberglass are joining it. If you are also in this dire situation, we highly advise you to take action and reach out to our attorneys, who have over 25 years of experience in product liability cases. They will help you become a plaintiff in the Zinus lawsuit and eventually recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to from the liable company. If, however, your injuries or property damage stem from a Nectar or Ashley mattress, we will file a claim with the company, which will also help you recover compensation.

You will only have to send our legal team proof of you owning a mattress with fiberglass, your medical records that mention your injuries caused by fiberglass exposure, and evidence of property damage if applicable. It is important to note that you can partake in the lawsuit if you experienced only one of these issues, namely either injuries or property damage due to fiberglass. The rest of the paperwork will be carefully taken care of by us on your behalf, which will allow you to focus on important aspects, such as your health and restoring the safety of your residence.

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