Is paraquat still used or was it taken off the market?

Yes, paraquat is still used by farmworkers in the U.S. despite numerous countries from the EU having banned the highly toxic herbicide. Up to 10 million pounds of paraquat are applied to crops every year in the country. It is important to note that certain states, such as California and Texas, use paraquat in significantly greater amounts than others.

answered by Chandler Duncan

Environmental groups are currently urging California to ban paraquat

According to the Center for Biological Diversity and Californians for Pesticide Reform, the use of paraquat has doubled in the last decade, which is a major cause for concern. Meanwhile, companies that make and distribute the herbicide are facing a flood of lawsuits from agricultural workers claiming they developed Parkinson’s disease because of exposure. The number of cases is approaching 2,000 and growing rapidly. California is actually the biggest paraquat user in the U.S. The state uses 1.3 million pounds of the herbicide annually. Over three-quarters were used in eight San Joaquin Valley counties alone.

These are other states where paraquat is widely used in agriculture:

  • South Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas
  • Iowa
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Mississippi
  • Georgia

Therefore, while California is pressured to ban paraquat use, the herbicide is still present on numerous crops in the country, exposing farmworkers and everyone who lives nearby. While approximately 60 countries have long ago banned paraquat, it remains one of the most popular herbicides in the U.S. If you or a family member was exposed to paraquat and now struggles with Parkinson’s disease, we strongly encourage you to contact our attorneys, who specialize in toxic exposure, as you might be entitled to financial compensation.

File your paraquat exposure claim with the assistance of our attorneys

Since 1990, our law firm has been dedicated to providing quality legal assistance to toxic exposure victims, and now we offer free case evaluations to people injured by paraquat exposure. Whether you were directly exposed to the herbicide by using it or indirectly by living near a farm, you might be entitled to financial compensation from the responsible companies. The legal process is simple – you only have to send in evidence of you having used paraquat and your medical records stating your diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

Once we carefully review these documents, we will tell you with certainty whether you are eligible to file a paraquat exposure claim. If you are, our resourceful legal team will promptly begin working on your claim and prepare it for submission. Your involvement in the legal process will be minimal, and if you feel too ill to participate, a family member can help you navigate it. In the end, if our efforts are successful, you will receive the financial compensation you are entitled to for your unjust suffering.

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