Can I obtain a refund if my sunscreen was affected by a recall?

Yes. Both Johnson & Johnson and Coppertone, the only sunscreen manufacturers that have so far voluntarily recalled their benzene sunscreen, offer refunds to consumers who had been using their affected products.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

Another source of compensation you can benefit from is a refund

Most consumers who came to struggle with acute myeloid leukemia after using a benzene sunscreen product are eligible to file a claim with the culpable company to receive financial compensation for their suffering. However, people who have been using these problematic sunscreen products but have not developed the disease can obtain a refund from the only companies who have issued a voluntary recall so far, which are Johnson & Johnson and Coppertone.

Accordingly, consumers should try to get a refund for the recalled sunscreen of Johnson & Johnson by calling the Consumer Care Center of the company at 800.458.1673. Nevertheless, it is crucial not to sign anything releasing the company from liability. As for Coppertone, consumers can contact 888.921.1537 with questions or concerns during weekday business hours and request a refund by visiting a special website of the company.

File your benzene sunscreen claim with the help of our experienced lawyers

With nearly three decades of professional experience, our attorneys specialize in toxic exposure, which is why our law firm is ideal if you intend to file a benzene sunscreen claim. Our lawyers strongly encourage everyone whose health was affected by exposure to benzene from tainted sunscreen to take legal action, as this is the only way the responsible companies will be held liable. If you wish to start the legal process, all you have to do is give our legal team a call, explain your situation thoroughly, answer our questions, and send us some basic documents.

Our skilled lawyers will carefully review your case, and if they deem you eligible to file a benzene sunscreen claim, they will promptly begin preparing it for submission. In the meantime, you can go on about your life, as we will address the most difficult matters of the legal process on your behalf. We are aware that cancer patients go through a very rough time and need to be disturbed as little as possible. You will ultimately benefit from the compensation you deserve from the liable company.

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