How can I obtain reimbursement if I have a Zinus mattress that has not harmed me?

If you have been in possession of a Zinus mattress for less than 100 days, you can seek reimbursement from the company. However, according to many customers, the process is complicated and daunting, so we suggest you contact us to help you get your money back.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

Even if your Zinus mattress has not harmed you, you are still entitled to reimbursement

While it may sound preposterous, owning and using a Zinus mattress is a ticking bomb, as fiberglass can escape the product even if you do not remove the cover. As a consequence, you may experience injuries while you are sleeping, as the sharpest fibers of glass can reach the surface of the mattress and subsequently get in contact with your skin. Therefore, it is perfectly understandable if you want to have your Zinus mattress replaced as soon as possible.

Getting involved in the process of recovering your money from the company is quite challenging, as the ordeal implies a lot of bureaucracy, and you will have to deal with mattress disposal fees, according to the testimonies of some consumers. For this reason, it is best to get in touch with our legal team, which will promptly help you request reimbursement from Zinus. Nevertheless, to be eligible for reimbursement, you will have to meet these criteria:

  • you must have proof of buying the mattress
  • the mattress must be in perfect condition, without stains
  • you must have the documents that were accompanying it
  • the accessories that came with it must be in your possession

Our attorneys will help you file a reimbursement claim for your Zinus mattress

The first thing you have to do if you decided to seek our help for Zinus mattress reimbursement is to give our legal team a call and explain your situation, as well as offer the person on the other line as many details about the product and owning it as possible. After we gather all the information and evidence we need from you, we will carefully evaluate your case to see what the best course of action would be.

If we determine that you meet all the requirements, our attorneys, who specialize in product liability, will strive to obtain reimbursement from Zinus on your behalf, a process which we cannot know for sure how long will take. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that working with our law firm will eventually help you benefit from the money you deserve from Zinus.

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