What difference can it make when ovarian cancer due to hair relaxers is found at early stages?

Also known as "the silent killer", ovarian cancer is usually found in advanced stages, when it has already spread to other parts of the body, making treatment ineffective. This is because the symptoms are similar to those of more common diseases. However, when ovarian cancer is found in the early phases, the prognosis is substantially more favorable, and so is the survival rate.

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Stage I ovarian cancer has a promising 89% survival rate, while stage IV ovarian cancer has a grim 20% survival rate

Ovarian cancer is responsible for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system, and this is mostly due to misdiagnosis. Because the symptoms of ovarian cancer can easily be mistaken for those of more common health issues, doctors often assign the wrong diagnosis to women who, in fact, have ovarian cancer. Any delay in receiving the correct diagnosis can have devastating consequences, including death, as ovarian cancer is usually very aggressive and spreads fast. These are the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer:

  • abdominal bloating
  • feeling full after eating small meals
  • discomfort in the pelvic area
  • fatigue and weakness
  • lower back pain
  • changes in bowel habits
  • a frequent need to urinate
  • unintentional weight loss
  • vaginal bleeding after menopause

When ovarian cancer is found in the early stages, treatment is quite effective, and the woman also has multiple options in this respect, including surgery. In this case, the survival rate can be as high as 93%. On the other hand, if the disease is detected at advanced stages, when it has spread to the lungs, spleen, intestines, brain, and other vital organs, the survival rate drops to 31% or even lower. Treatment is no longer effective, and the options are limited, with most women undergoing palliative care, which is meant to just alleviate the pain. Consequently, receiving a timely ovarian cancer diagnosis can be life-saving.

Unfortunately, the misdiagnosis rate among women who regularly use hair relaxers and develop ovarian cancer is even higher, as most doctors fail to consider the impact the endocrine-disrupting chemicals in these products can have on the reproductive system. As a result, they are typically quick to dismiss the possibility of ovarian cancer, attributing the symptoms to health issues such as urinary tract infections or irritable bowel syndrome. For this reason, if you experience the symptoms of ovarian cancer, it is essential to inform your physician of your use of chemical hair relaxers so that they can consider this diagnosis.

It is important to note that the ovarian cancer survival rate also depends on the kind of tumor involved in the disease. Epithelial ovarian cancer, the most common type, has the worst survival rate if found in late stages, whereas stromal ovarian tumors have the most favorable survival rate even when they are detected in advanced stages, with 70% of women living for five years or longer. Only 20% of women with ovarian cancer receive a timely diagnosis. So, if you suspect your hair relaxer use has resulted in ovarian cancer, but you did not receive this diagnosis upon your first medical visit, we strongly advise you to seek a second opinion.

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