Should I stop using sunscreen due to the benzene exposure risk?

No. While you should cease using tainted sunscreen products, you should find a safe alternative as soon as possible, as wearing sunscreen is the only way you can shield yourself against skin cancer, which ranks first as a malignant disease in our country at the moment.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

Daily use of sunscreen with SPF 15 can reduce your melanoma risk by 50%

The goal of our skin is to protect our bodies from harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is why we should use sunscreen on a daily basis. Even on cloudy days, our skin is prone to the negative effects of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, exposure to which can lead to skin cancer, discoloration, and wrinkles over the years. Furthermore, during the scorching days of summer, wearing sunscreen also shields our skin against sunburns, which can be very bothersome and painful. Wearing sunscreen every day also prevents signs of aging because it maintains your skin healthier.

However, in the light of the news about sunscreen containing benzene, you may wonder which product to choose. A good choice is sunscreen products that are mineral-based, as opposed to chemical-based. The Valisure study found that the vast majority of problematic sunscreen products were chemical-based and not mineral-based. By the age of 70, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer, and this is the direct consequence of not wearing sunscreen. One way to lower your skin cancer risk is to wear SPF 30 sunscreen daily, which you should apply multiple times a day.

Our experienced attorneys will gladly help you file a benzene sunscreen claim

If you developed acute myeloid leukemia as a result of having used benzene sunscreen, we encourage you to take legal action against the company whose product you applied to your skin. We are here to help you file a benzene sunscreen claim, which will result in the maximum financial compensation you are entitled to. To initiate the legal process, all you need to do is give our legal team a call, explain your situation, answer our questions, and send us some important documents, such as your medical records.

Our skilled lawyers will carefully review your case to determine whether you qualify for filing a benzene sunscreen claim. If you do, they will begin preparing it for submission. Until the resolution, you should carry on with your life, as we will do the hard work for you. We know that cancer patients are usually in a lot of emotional and physical pain, so we are trying to ease the legal process as much as possible. You will eventually get the money you deserve following claim submission.

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