Does sunscreen with higher SPF contain more benzene?

Sunscreen products with a higher SPF are more likely to contain more benzene since more chemicals are necessary for their manufacturing. To protect yourself, you should choose a product with a lower SPF and apply it more often.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

The manufacturing of sunscreen with a high SPF involves more chemicals, including benzene

As we already know, the issue of benzene in sunscreen is the consequence of a manufacturing error. Companies believe that the chemical occurs as a contaminant, as a byproduct of manufacturing, or in the production of raw materials such as alcohol or aloe vera.

Therefore, because sunscreen products with a high SPF require more chemicals, more benzene will end up in the products during the manufacturing process. For this reason, you should apply a sunscreen product with a lower SPF that you can use more often rather than one with a high SPF that you apply once or twice a day.

A viable alternative is mineral sunscreen products, which do not contain benzene. The vast majority of sunscreen products tested by the independent pharmacy Valisure were chemical. Consequently, this kind of sunscreen is perfect if you no longer know what is safe for your skin and what is not.

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