What are other names for benzene in deodorant?

Because the solvent accidentally became part of antiperspirant and deodorant body spray, you will not find benzene listed as one of the ingredients in the products where it may be present. However, there are other names for benzene that chemists generally use.

Benzol was the first name given to benzene when it was discovered as a chemical

As a crude form of benzene containing toluene, xylene, and other hydrocarbons, benzol is obtained from coal tar or gas. It is mostly used as a fuel and is also known as benzoline. However, benzoline is slightly different from benzol as far as its composition is concerned, as it is an unrefined coal tar derivative containing benzene and toluene. It is very important to note that, even though benzene has found its way into antiperspirant and deodorant body spray, you will not find it on the list of ingredients. This is because it is a contaminant that was not supposed to be present in these products.

Other names for benzene and benzene derivatives include:

  • aniline
  • cyclohexa-1,3,5-triene
  • phenol
  • 1,3,5-cyclohexatriene
  • toluene
  • xylene

Still, these benzene derivatives are typically used in occupational settings to manufacture various chemicals and products in industries such as petrochemical, rubber, plastic, detergent, and pesticide. Therefore, you will not find these names listed as ingredients on consumer products, as they are extremely toxic. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration forbids companies from using these benzene derivatives in personal hygiene products, drugs, and cosmetics.

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Our law firm's main practice area is toxic exposure, and we have been providing quality legal assistance to people whose health was affected by contaminated products such as benzene deodorant for over 25 years. If you have been using one or more deodorant body sprays with benzene and received a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia, or chronic lymphocytic leukemia, please contact our leukemia attorneys. The only documents you will have to send in are proof of having used benzene deodorant and your medical records.

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