What should I do if the sunscreen I use contains benzene?

If you have just found out that the sunscreen product you have been using contains benzene, you should cease using it immediately and find a safe alternative, which you can easily do. Furthermore, you can request non-toxic sunscreen by virtue of our replacement campaign.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

People who had been using a benzene sunscreen product should immediately stop using it

Because you cannot know the exact concentration of benzene in the sunscreen you have been using, it is highly recommended to cease using it as soon as you find out it contains the chemical. Some companies have been attempting to downplay the issue, such as Johnson & Johnson, who officially claimed that the benzene in their sunscreen products could not cause serious health problems. However, the reality is that their problematic sunscreen was found to contain up to 12 times more than the safe limit for benzene, which can lead to debilitating issues.

We advise you to look for a safe alternative online, as many small businesses manufacture and sell ethical products and regularly test for toxic agents. Our legal team has actually partnered up with some of these companies, so, if you have been using benzene sunscreen, you can now request safe products free of charge by filling out the form at the bottom of the Benzene Sunscreen Replacement Initiative page. However, people struggling with acute myeloid leukemia will be prioritized. If you struggle with this cancer and believe it was caused by using contaminated sunscreen, please contact us to file a claim, as you might be eligible for compensation.

If you have been using a benzene sunscreen product for a significant period of time and have just found out about the issue of contamination, or if you have already experienced symptoms that might stem from benzene exposure, you should immediately seek medical attention. Only a medical expert can tell you whether you are in good health or if the benzene absorbed by your skin has caused any damage to your body. They will probably order blood tests and other exams to measure the concentration of this chemical in your body.

Another effective action you can take if you are in any of these two situations is to file a report with the Food and Drug Administration. Their patient report is very thorough, asking you questions such as whether you required hospitalization because of your symptoms and whether you can provide the agency with the test or laboratory data you have. They can also evaluate the product if you still have it. However, you should not send it along with your report to the Food and Drug Administration unless they contact you and request this.

File your benzene sunscreen with the help of our knowledgeable attorneys

For nearly three decades, our core mission has been to offer help to people injured by toxic agents, from veterans and former industrial workers to their surviving family members. If you developed acute myeloid leukemia due to using sunscreen tainted with benzene, which has been a problem for many years that has only recently come to light, we encourage you to get in touch with our legal team. You only have to call us, explain your circumstances, answer our questions, and send us your medical records and other basic documents to take legal action.

Our attorneys will carefully review your case, and if they determine that you qualify for compensation, they will efficiently prepare your benzene sunscreen claim for submission. In the end, you will benefit from the largest sum of money available for your diagnosis from the liable company, which can help you afford better treatment, for instance.

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