Where did the toxic chemicals come from?

The main toxic chemicals on military bases nationwide, PFAS, came from firefighters using the fire suppressant AFFF, which contains between 50% and 98% of these dangerous substances. As for the other chemicals, they ended up polluting these facilities due to the activity of service members and the military.

The fire suppressant AFFF has been used on military bases for over half a century

PFAS source

As a fire suppressant used to extinguish fires stemming from flammable liquids and gases, such as petroleum and jet fuel, aqueous film-forming foam contains a very high concentration of PFAS. It is commonly known as AFFF.

The formula of this fire suppressant was devised by the U.S. Navy and the 3M company in 1966. One year later, after 134 sailors died in a fire aboard the USS Forrestal, AFFF was present on all ships.

While the fire suppressant is very effective, it is very dangerous, as with each use, it releases tremendous concentrations of PFAS into the environment, which is what happened on nearly all military bases.

Some of these harmful chemicals can persist for over a thousand years, as they do not break down naturally. For this reason, a lot of military bases in the country are now pollution hotspots.

As for the other chemicals lurking on these installations, they are the result of the military’s activity. For instance, during the last century, service members had to clean up weapons and equipment with industrial solvents, which were improperly disposed of and ended up contaminating the environment of military bases. If you spent time at a contaminated military base and developed a disease, you might be entitled to compensation.

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