Who is a 9/11 responder and who is a survivor?

On 9/11, as thousands of people rushed out of the Twin Towers, firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and other rescue workers rushed in to help those in need. These people are called first responders. Survivors are individuals who were injured during the terrorist attacks and who needed help from the responders.

Survivors are the people who were injured during 9/11, while responders are those who helped survivors

The principal first responders on 9/11 were the Fire Department of New York, the New York Police Department, the Port Authority Police Department, and the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management. While attempting to help the survivors, 343 first responders lost their lives. At the crash and above, 1,360 people died. Below the crash line, 72 died, and more than 4,000 survived. People who helped those injured during the terrorist attacks are known as responders, whereas those injured are known as survivors.

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