Is it hard to win a Camp Lejeune class action lawsuit?

It is extremely rare for class actions to proceed to trial, as most are settled, while the rest typically remain pending or tangled up in litigation for years. To win a class action lawsuit, however, you need to hire the best attorney and put pressure on the liable company to settle as quickly as possible. Our attorneys specialize in toxic exposure cases, so you can rest assured they can obtain the most favorable results for you.

answered by Gary Anderson

Nearly 90% of toxic exposure class action lawsuits are settled without going to trial

To win a class action lawsuit, you must hire one of the best attorneys specializing in toxic exposure cases. It is recommended to consult with at least three possible attorneys before choosing one, as many offer assistance to toxic exposure victims. As a Camp Lejeune veteran, family member, or civilian, it is of utmost importance to decide to hire a lawyer who has been pursuing this kind of case before, as they most likely have the necessary experience, resources, and knowledge to assist you, particularly if your case is complex. Attorneys who take up class action lawsuits usually offer free-of-charge initial claim evaluations, so they will be as motivated as you to achieve a favorable outcome for your case.

Consequently, choosing the best attorney is the key to winning a class action lawsuit. The following are several tell-tale signs of a good Camp Lejeune toxic water exposure attorney:

  • they have excellent analytical, logical, research, and writing skills
  • they display great communication, public speaking, and listening skills
  • they have good judgment and decision-making skills
  • they are organized, creative, patient, compassionate, and persuasive

Our attorneys have been pursuing financial compensation for veterans whose health was impacted by toxic exposure in the military for over 30 years, so if you choose our law firm, you will benefit from high-quality legal services. We will thoroughly and carefully evaluate your case to determine whether you are eligible to file a Camp Lejeune toxic water claim or lawsuit, and the legal process requires minimal involvement on your part. Our law firm also works on a contingency fee basis, so we will only keep a percentage of the compensation we might obtain for you in exchange for our services. You will not have to pay anything out of pocket unless we recover money for you.

We can efficiently help you file a Camp Lejeune toxic water claim

In the unfortunate event that you came to struggle with a disease due to drinking toxic water at Camp Lejeune, our attorneys are ready to help you recover the financial compensation you might be entitled to. With over three decades of experience in pursuing toxic exposure cases, we are ready to file a claim or lawsuit and a VA claim if you are a veteran. Our law firm also offers legal assistance to family members and civilians who lived at Camp Lejeune while the water was contaminated.

The only documents we will need from you as a veteran are your military records, which you must retrieve and which must state that you were present for at least 30 days at Camp Lejeune, and your medical records. Family members will have to send in evidence of their stay at the military base, their medical records, and proof of their relationship with a veteran. If you are too ill to partake in the process, a family member can step in and help you with the necessary paperwork, a process that will take less than one hour to complete.

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