Why do companies that manufacture baby food fail to test for heavy metals?

Right now, there is a permissible limit only for arsenic in baby food, which is why companies that make these products take advantage of the lack of regulations and conveniently skip the testing process.

answered by Chandler Duncan

Baby food companies often put financial profit over the health of children

The lack of strict federal laws concerning the safe limit of heavy metals and other toxic agents, such as perchlorate, in baby food is what encourages companies to skip testing their products so as to ensure they are safe for consumption. At the moment, only arsenic is regulated in baby food by the Food and Drug Administration, more specifically just in infant rice cereals. This is extremely alarming, as the absence of comprehensive rules gives companies leverage over the concentration of heavy metals in their products.

A sliver of hope may be the Baby Food Safety Act of 2021, which was introduced in the House by Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi with the goal of setting maximum allowable levels of the four heavy metals of concern in baby food. The bill proposes the following concentrations for each heavy metal in infant and toddler food, which are safe and unlikely to cause any health problems:

  • arsenic: 10 ppb inorganic arsenic cap on baby food
  • lead: 5 ppb lead cap on baby food and 10 ppb lead cap on infant cereal
  • cadmium: 5 ppb cadmium cap on baby food and 10 ppb cap on infant cereal
  • mercury: 2 ppb mercury cap on all baby food

If the Baby Food Safety Act becomes effective, the Food and Drug Administration will have to get more involved in regulating the levels of heavy metals and other toxic agents in baby food. Nevertheless, the most important accomplishments of this bill would be that baby food will finally be safe to consume for children and that parents will no longer have to worry about the content of hazardous substances in the products they feed their babies.

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